We make music sometimes! Below is a list of our work, starting with the most recent. All music is available to download for free.

Rose Buckler - Sorry You're Not A Winner [Enter Shikari Cover] (2023)

Little cover we made for fun. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

Rose Buckler ยท Sorry, You're Not A Winner (Enter Shikari Cover)

Download [MP3]

BY AZURA! - The Pilot EP (2022)

We recorded this acoustic demo EP on our phone in a night with the intention of eventually re-recording all of it for an album. Unfortunately, that album never surfaced and we've moved on to other things now but we'll probably revisit this material someday.

  1. Intro
  2. Scarf
  3. The Canon Ending

Download [FLAC]

Hunter Remington - I Hope When We Die, They Put Our Hells Close To Each Other (2021)

*Originally released under the name "To A Fault."

Another EP of material that was planned to be expanded on in the same album as the stuff on The Pilot. We're not as fond of this one in retrospect, though. Our vocals in particular aren't great here.

  1. I Hope When We Die, They Put Our Hells Close To Each Other
  2. Ayano
  3. All of Human History Led Up To Pikmin 3 For The Nintendo Wii U (And We've Been Steadily Declining Ever Since)

Download [MP3]

Hunter Remington - Tides, etc. (2021)

*Originally released under the name "To A Fault."

More stuff we're not really that fond of anymore. Tides was supposed to be the opener on a project we scrapped because even at the time we weren't happy with it. That said, there's a decent cover of Worst Party Ever's "Holy Water", and I still am quite proud of Unfamiliar Beds (which, for all intents and purposes, I consider to be our hooky pop song. We might revisit it someday.)

  1. Tides
  2. Untitled Instrumental Thing
  3. Unfamiliar Beds
  4. Holy Water (Worst Party Ever Cover)

Download [MP3]

Hunter Remington - Tenor.gif - Single (2021)

*Originally released under the name "To A Fault."

The first song we released under To A Fault, which would eventually become Hunter Remington. We still kind of like this song, but as with a lot of the other Hunter Remington stuff it's not *great*.

Download [MP3]

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