Hi! We're the Blindfold System. We're a (very fictive heavy) plural system (if you're confused as to what this means I suggest reading morethanone.info).

We're schizophrenic, autistic, and trans, and much of our life and worldview is built around these facts, so I suggest leaving if that's something you don't wanna see.

We aren't meaningfully great with computers. Much of this site was created with the help of others, and many Google searches. We started this site to write about our life, but more prominently the stuff we're into. That stuff includes whatever shows or games we're watching/playing in a given moment, the music we like, playing guitar, or even just something interesting we've been learning about. Below are some links to pages that touch on some of these things in more depth. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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PHANTOM REVERIE version 1.1.
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